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3 Pro Tips
(Adapted from Jobs2Careers' Advice Blog)

  • You want your handbill to be a high-level document that can be quickly scanned in seconds.
  • Strive for an eye-catching, relevant, and brief document aligning your experience and competency to the interests of a hiring manager. 

  • List your skills and knowledge with data and results but make it brief!
Marketing Collateral - "The Career Handbill"
Don't Become a Forgettable Job Applicant
Most will remain comfortable looking for work from the comforts of their home - "The Career Handbill" is not for them. However, if you understand the advantages networking has to offer and you're looking to leave a lasting impression, then this handbill is the "must-have" marketing collateral to accompany your professional resume.

Showcase it at networking events, hiring events, job fairs and professional association gatherings. Share it on social media sites, in online groups and with contacts. Leave events with Hiring Managers asking you for the interview! (Clickable Link: View More Samples)

Career Marketing and Networking Handbill
Brand Manager Marketing and Networking Handbill
Customer Service Marketing and Networking Handbill
What is a Career Handbill?

A Career Handbill, as defined by many industry experts, is a one page "POWER" document offering a condensed and concise version of  who you are and what you have to offer your next employer! 

Featured In Job2Careers Advice Blog and The Voice of Job Seekers Career Blog
- Featured in Various Career Blogs and Podcasts
Interview with Mark Anthony Dyson 'The Voice of Job Seekers'
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"’s a brilliant strategy rarely talked about these days. - Mark Anthony Dyson, The Voice of Job Seekers 
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